Hands – painting/collage made from acrylic and household paint skins -85*64*4cm







2 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Hi Riin, Sorry I did not make it to the opening on Thursday.. My husband Ronan went with a friend. He loved your new work. Hope it went well! Leonora

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    • Hello Leonora, Glad to hear your husband liked my new work. It is always a bit scary to change the way it looks. Opening went really well. I have not been to any opening nights, that are so busy. I have exhibitions coming up in April in Los Angeles and in July in Copenhagen and in July in Dublin in Hillsboro Fine Art Gallery (dates are not agreed upon, yet) . If I know when it is exactly, I will certainly let you know. One of my paintings was also chosen to RHA Annual 186th Exhibition. It opens on 21st of March and runs til 11th of June. Next time when I have a show in Dublin I think it is better to give you a tour before or after the opening. I did not realize how busy it can be and how difficult it is to see works at the opening night. Riin


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